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The Cloning Ritual

How can the emerging technology become a part of the local culture?

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Melghat back into spotlight after successfully modifying Tomatoes

Berda Balla, Dharni     |.     29 July 2028

Radha was staring right at the dark face of the chilly stillness that this more than ordinary dawn was carrying. She had woken up unusually early today. The shawl wrapped around her shoulders was not enough to contain her chilly excitement that was oozing out with a smile. She left one last warm breath towards her modified eggplant experiment patch
resting before her and swished into her house. Back in 2023 Punjabrao University, Amravati held a small session along with the farmers of Ghota regarding the advancements in the field of agriculture. Students from the university used to visit and learn about field practises whereas the farmers were curious to know more about the progress happening in agriculture. This symbiotic relationship led to the opening of Krushi Prayog Kendra (KPK).
 The knowledge exchange led to various combined experiments done by the farmers and the students together.There was absolutely no time to waste. Radha picked up her water pot and set out towards the
 well. The sun slowly crawled up while watching her storing the water, dusting the floor, irrigating the fields, milking the cows, washing her clothes, and finally putting a freshly plucked shevanti in her neatly combed hair. Dhols started beating from a distance.
Flutes were playing. It was time. Radha walked out of her house towards Dinesh’s farm. His farm was dressed in colours. Dinesh’s attempt on innovating a modified version of Tomatoes had turned successful a few days ago. The gram panchayat had organized a cloning ceremony on his farm to celebrate his success. The KPK had conducted a
Heading 6 workshop to make DIY cloning kits. Everyone dressed in the Korku attire along with their kits and waited for the Sarpanch to clone the successful GMO ( genetically modified objects). As soon as the Sarpanch was done the crowd ran and to get themselves a part of the stem. All of which was dipped into the cloning medium, placed on the stand where the flute and dhol musicians were ready for the folk dance. As the sarpanch announced the completion of the cloning process the farmers gathered around the stand to dance around the future clones. danced and danced with joy. After all her eggplant could be the next.

✸ Stories from the Future ✸ Stories from the Future ✸ Stories from the Future  ✸ 

✸ Stories from the Future ✸ Stories from the Future ✸ Stories from the Future  ✸ 

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