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How can the emerging  technology

reduce the farmer extension gap?


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Krushi Gomej comes to rescue with Bug infestation

Kokmar, Melghat   |.     3 September 2033

What a fine day today!” Raju exclaimed, squinting his eyes towards the sky. “Be good Kaveri and I’ll get you a nice beady garland from the village mela today.” Kaveri mooed with a nod. When he went inside his house, he noticed an unpleasant smell coming out of the storage. Food storage pests seem to have been associated with grain stores since
time immemorial but it was for the first time in 7 years that Raju’s harvest was infested. He wasn’t aware of the reason behind it. He quickly went to the Krushi Gomej situated near the Gram Panchayat. There were other farmers like him standing there with their crops. The group of 7 collectively decided to show their crops to the Gomej. Once they placed the infested harvest on the plate near the entrance, Gomej ran a scan and compared everyone’s harvest. Gomej 
from the database and suggested a remedy for infestation.  The infestation was caused because of the occurrence of microflora fungi and inoculum on grain. Microflora damages the grain by mycotoxin production and production of a musty, unappetizing smell. The use of nontoxic fungicides and drying were the only two prevention methods which existed although the Krushi Prayog Kendra in Lavada was
successful in developing a process which guaranteed revival of the grains. The Gomej explained to the farmers what had caused the damage and recommended the KPK Lavada’s process. Krushi Gomej were chatbots installed in villages which helped the farmers in cases of doubts.
A regular farm checkup was conducted twice a year hence the suggestions were customised. The Krushi Gomej was created as a part of a DigiAgri Hackathon. It was further developed at Punjabrao University. It made the agricultural knowledge and advancements accessible to the Tribal farmers of Melghat. Raju came out relieved by knowing the solution for his problem. He slowly walked towards the village mela keeping the grain sample in his bag. “What a fine day today!” he exclaimed smiling at the sky.

✸ Stories from the Future ✸ Stories from the Future ✸ Stories from the Future  ✸ 

✸ Stories from the Future ✸ Stories from the Future ✸ Stories from the Future  ✸ 

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