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This project was done within a week at Willem de kooning Academy, Netherlands along with BlueCity Lab in collaborating with Jeffery Arts and Katja Heuveling.
Biomimicry is taking inspiration from nature using that knowledge to solve our problems. Trying to solve problems we often forget that nature has already been through a lot more than us and has successfully solved a million more problems.To understand more of this I started looking at a lot of daily objects under a microscope.
One of the following is a crow's feather. There is a possibility that all of us might encounter a crow at least once a day.  The water drop, supported by network formed by barbs and barbules, sits partially on air pockets. A twofold structure of a feather favours large contact angles and hence the feathers are water repellent. The first iteration was making a spill-proof t-shirt where you don't have to worry about the stains whereas the other one was using the pattern on an umbrella because they are water repellent.
The concept which was finalised was using the aesthetic pattern along with the water repellent property. As the pattern was magnified 40 times, I decided to choose a small object and magnify that. The object which was chosen was a pushpin. The enlarged pushpin would be used as a stool or an exhibit based on the scenario it would be placed in. The needle part of the pin was fabricated by bending and welding a metal sheet. The pattern was screen-printed on GORE-TEX (water repellent fabric), the pin was then nailed to a circular wooden plate. Polyester was stuffed in between the fabric and the plate to give a cushiony feel.
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