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Relating Systems Thinking and Design 9

15 October 2020 | Thursday
n 2020, RSD was hosted by the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India from 12 October to 16th October. In these unprecedented times, this year’s conference theme, Systemic Design for Well-being: from human to humane, befits our lives as we are living them at this very moment. Being humane is marked by compassion and empathy not only for humans, living beings and our cultures but also our natural world and surroundings. RSD9 explores the connections between the well-being of our bodies, surroundings, and the planet.

RSD started at AHO in Oslo in 2012. The series has the intention to promote and foster the emerging practices for and theory development of systemic design for service systems, social systems, policy development and complex contexts. I volunteered to sketchnote for the above-mentioned conference. The following are the sketch notes I made for various sessions.
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