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This project was done in collaboration with Devashish Kamble.
Made to Measure Clothes at your Doorstep

This project is about is an opportunity to create a one destination stop for tailors. As customization emerges as a new trend in the market, the demand for made to measure clothes has been increased. It not only gives you a unique look but your apparel is neither too long nor too short, it fits you perfectly.


To do complete research about the project I went through various steps and processes before I started implementing the project and that helped me understand the main needs of my user and create a high-quality product. The various steps are included.

Interviews were conducted along with various people, including housewives, students, people working in the IT sector and so on. The aim of these interviews was to understand the current scenario of this domain and what opportunities lie ahead. I also conducted fly on the wall sessions to know people's behaviours and their motivations. 
"I usually scroll on Pinterest and various Facebook groups and if there is something particular I like, I suggest it to my tailor. Many times I don't get the desired fabric but then it is difficult to roam so many shops for what you want, I am happy if its similar"
"I don't have time to go to a store, buy fabric and then go to the tailor, get it stitched. It is a very long process, so I end up buying ready garments online.  One day I will find time to go to the old city and buy fabrics

Interviews and observations

Lean UX Canvas

User Personas

SIAHI 12.jpg

Empathy Map

User Flow

User Journey

Documented the results of the interviews conducted. The conclusions which were relevant were put down. Interviewee's use case and their workflow were analysed. Colour-coordinated notes were used for different aspects of user-product interaction.



This project was done in collaboration with Devashish Kamble.
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