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This part focuses on the discussion which happened in Melghat between the common people, the changemakers and the decision makers. As a huge chunk of audience was involved in the project 'Provocate' aimed at telling these stories.



Different stakeholders who exist in the futures rarely get to participate in imagining or building those futures and so whoever does not get to participate in the act of imagining possible future, they’re dreams, hopes, desires and needs will be missing from that future. If one looks into futures speculated in books and movies, there are so many communities that are not even visible in those future worlds. Does that mean that those communities didn’t survive/ didn’t live in the year 2050 or are they still marginalised in 2050 and therefore not visible? The participation of those who have been historically marginalised and those currently marginalised is important because it becomes a way to address their marginalisation as it is also an assumption about the world that we live in.


To make the future seem real, the speculative Objects were co-created with the Melghat Community. The prototyping process also aimed at provocating the participants involved in making by co-creating the prototypes. Each of these narratives were based on a research question aimed at depicting certain values and principles the future could behold. The objects are an extrapolation of how the emerging technologies could exist in Melghat

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